EDI & B2B Integration Solutions

Whether you are a Retailer, Supplier, Distributor, Customs Broker or a Logistics provider,
Tech-Agile provides innovative technologies, expertise and processes to make
your trading partnership with your partner SIMPLE, COMPLIANT & PROFITABLE

What kind of business do you do?

No matter the type of business you do, we have a solution to streamline it.

Tech-Agile's Integration Connectors

Our integration connectors are designed to fill the gap between your business channels. Your trading partners, fulfillment modes, channels and systems which can be connected and integrated with each other using our Integration Connectors.

Don’t see your system on the list? Don’t worry, we can build the integration your business needs. Contact us to learn more

We provide EDI Solutions and Services to help you become 100% EDI compliant with your trading partners. Connect your business with all your Trading Partners through us and integrate your EDI data with your ERP, WMS, Accounting, TMS applications seamlessly.

RV EDI supports all EDI standards such as ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, CII, RosettaNet.

We can connect to your Trading Partner through AS1, AS2, AS3, FTP, FTPS(S), SFTP, OFTP2, HTTP, HTTPS.

We support integration through MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, IBM DB2 databases as well as through file formats like CSV, Positonal, Excel, XML.

We also support Web Service data flow using either SOAP or REST APIs.

We can get you started with EDI very quickly. We have the EDI solution that is right for you! Fax2EDI, UCC-128/MH10 labels, Web portal, Desktop portal, EDI Integration, VAN services!



Designed and Developed by EDI experts with over 20 years of experience in the industry


Can connect to 25+ ERP, WMS, Accounting, TMS products. We can also connect to all ecommerce marketplaces and shipping carriers


Can connect to 2000+ trading partners worldwide. We gurantee no edi chargebacks due to non-compliance
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