TECH AGILE customers represent many of the most innovative and successful organizations around the globe. We serve our clients to deliver the best ROI on their IT budgets and assist in aligning their IT initiatives with business goals. Our expertise in diverse industry verticals, technology innovation, and business skills provide our clients with the best of class solutions. TECH AGILE has earned its customers’ trust and respect through excellent delivery in all engagements, small or large. We believe in building relationships and strategic long term partnerships with our clients are at the core of our business.

TECH AGILE strongly believes that work with any client begins after a detailed analysis of their industry and business, and a firm understanding of their core processes. We customize our services according to the requirements of our clients and try to meet their unique demands to achieve business transformation. The fact that we have 90 percent of our clients choosing to repeat or expand their business with us speaks volumes for their trust and confidence in our performance.

Our clients benefit from the broad range of services such as software and web development, offshore and onsite custom application development, project management and IT staffing that our company offers. Satisfied clients represent industry verticals including financial and banking services, healthcare and biotechnology, manufacturing, government, telecom, and Information Technology.


TECH AGILE Technologydelivers cutting edge solutions and extended reach through partnerships. TECH AGILE’s global presence maintains local capabilities through its valued partner network. Our partners are those who share our values of integrity, flawless performance, corporate consciousness, environmental responsibility and enthusiasm to serve clients with excellence. Our partnerships establish powerful relationships with leading businesses. We strive to combine our high-level industry domain expertise and our services team with our partner’s best of class applications and skilled technical staff in order to present a complete solution offering for our joint customers. Together with our partners, we develop, sell and deliver comprehensive IT solutions.
TECH AGILE is always looking for partners who are as passionate about excellent quality work as we are. Our primary goal is to provide our clients higher quality service and satisfaction. 

Through our partner network we want to improve our bottom-line and yours by:

  • Creating technological innovation and business transformation.
  • Leveraging our combined opportunities.
  • Increasing revenue.
  • Decreasing expenses.

Who can partner with us ?

Our partners gain financial strength by partnering withTECH AGILE and leveraging its global reach and contacts across the US, Europe and India. Working with TECH AGILE will provide you with a professional status, increased capability for top of the line product and service delivery, market exposure, and a dynamic work environment along with an excellent reputation. We value our partners and look forward to working with you to make it a better world through IT.

Some Current Partners



TECH AGILE Technology participates in the women and minority business programs and activities and serves as a vendor to some of the largest corporations in the country. We support, encourage and develop non competitive partnerships with other minority suppliers to serve our clients

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