Public Sector, Defence & Aviation


The Government has developed a supportive policy to encourage research and development in the technology sector and allow it to maximize the capabilities of emerging technologies and fuel growth. Industries facing strong international competition are supported by Government policy and innovative technologies created by IT companies. Defense and Aviation are two of the largest buyers of IT knowhow.

TECH AGILE Technology is a professional service provider qualified to provide the best service to large and specialized government programs and contracts. Our members deliver the best in technical talent within budgeted costs. Our consultants are highly qualified people with a passion for the government sector.

We work with the defense-contracting community by recruiting and retaining professionals who are technically proficient. We also welcome and train talented veterans and civil servants. We work with a number of government contractors, and also have direct contact with federal agencies that offer a wide range of federal government services and state or local government staffing services. TECH AGILE’s Government Services team understands the specific needs of both job seekers and employers in the industry.