Engagement Process


As customers across the globe continue to struggle to contain costs, many have turned to source software services from offshore units. Offshore work and outsourcing can deliver significant cost savings and speedier results. However, it can also involve pitfalls. Communication, cultural and temporal issues can arise. TECH AGILE has served as a reliable bridge for SMEs seeking to gain the advantages of superior quality, quicker time, and contain costs by outsourcing their services. Our State of the Art delivery center in Pune, India is built on a wealth of experience and provides our clients with access to our teams of software engineers and business professionals.
We provide technology and UI design, software development, testing, release, post-deployment support & maintenance. Cutting edge technologies, user-friendly design, sound project management platforms are used to deliver the best dual shore solutions.


Our dual shore and on shore engagement models and development methodologies meet the needs of our clients.
All engagement models call for analysis, defining scope, road mapping the solution, designing, architecting, building and developing, testing, deployment, support, and maintenance. All projects generally involve a representative account coordinator/project manager at client site to ensure immediate communication and continued understanding of client needs, and a project manager/team lead at our offshore center to direct and manage performance of a dedicated team.


  • Prescreen & Analysis: We study and analyze the client’s business needs, organization structure, resources available, project scope, timeline, budget and best methodology.
  • Road map to Deliver: Once the requirement gathering is complete and scope of project is accurately defined, our subject matter experts for your business domain and technical team will appoint the best engagement model to suit your needs.
  • Delivery: Delivery involves redefining and finalizing scope, creating and architecting the best solution, developing the software, testing, deployment and support.

All projects are executed in line with our principles:

  • We do not just develop an isolated piece of software, we engage deeply and are committed to partnering with our clients to accomplish their strategic business goals.
  • We keep stakeholder interests in mind and are always committed to being proactive.
  • We contain costs by prioritizing tasks per PMI principles, offer innovative options, maintain transparency, clear communications, use prototypes and “proof of concept”, and six sigma methodologies.
  • Quality management, a robust infrastructure, best qualified, top of the line work force are key facets of our work process and enable world class delivery for our clients.

Engagement Models

The project is delivered utilizing the best engagement model suited to the client’s specific needs.

  • Fixed Price Projects: When scope is well defined and requirement is simple and clear, this low risk model is best suited. Though this will most likely involve a detailed analysis and design phase, our methodologies and processes ensure timely delivery within budget.
  • Time & Materials: This is the most common model and is often used when projects are prone to specification and design changes, are complex in nature and multiple third party teams are working together. Agile development allows us to gain flexibility and deliver impeccable results.
  • Milestone based projects: Milestones allow clients to monitor progress, gain a comfort level with delivery and perceive reduced risk.
  • Dedicated facility projects: This option allows clients to employ our facility and team as a virtual extension of their own center. Normally this is a long term engagement involving secure knowledge transfer and seamless development. Our dedicated facility, teams of software engineers and infrastructure allows resource management, flexibility and managed cost to deliver continued, long term, measurable results.
  • Project Staffing: We allow clients to engage individuals or teams of our professionals to work on site at their facility or work on their project from our facility on a contractual basis. Our consultants are top of the line, high caliber professionals with prowess in technology, business skills, excellence in communication, graduate level education and experience. We follow a stringent recruitment process and match perfectly suited consultants with client requirements. This allows clients to have exceptional talent in their direct control.


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