Entertainment & Media

The telecom business model has a customer centric focus to assist them to create and portray their products and services to become better, faster and have greater value. Deregulation is increasing competition in technological as well as geographic areas. Consolidation amongst carriers and bundling of long distance, internet data and other services provides new opportunities for providers and consumers alike. VPN(virtual private networks), VOIP(voice over IP) and CNM(customer network management) services are significantly altering the way consumers work with carriers. All of this provides technical opportunities to IT companies. Mobility Applications and hand held devices are showing phenomenal growth. TECH AGILE consultants have created mobility solutions, implemented security protocols and continue to provide significant contributions to this sector.
Entertainment and Media show consistent growth and need for technological research and development is a constant. From films, theater and social media to the gaming industry, TECH AGILE consultants have provided services to clients such as Harrah’s, Warner Bros and MGM.